Last Friday, “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” debuted on Netflix, which was a critical and public success. Jessie was one of the great highlights of the film, having her acting as Lucy, Louisa, Yvonne… let’s stay with ‘Young Woman‘, widely acclaimed. I can say that the feature film, in addition to opening many doors for Jessie and bringing a lot of recognition to her, is among the best of our favorite actress. It needs, if possible, a prior reading of Ian Reid‘s book or a very open mind so that there are no hasty interpretations and judgments. Finally, check out Jessie’s screen captures in the film in our gallery:

i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_021.jpg  i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_159.jpg  i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_365.jpg  i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_404.jpg i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_021.jpg  i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_159.jpg  i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_365.jpg  i_m_thinking_of_ending_things__a_film_by_Charlie_Kaufman__Official_Tra_1080_x_1920_404.jpg

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